The exhibition will showcase the most advanced industrial fasteners

Now, Trade Fairs in Krakow Ltd, along with ELAMED, have decided to launch FASTENER POLAND. More than two months before the show, the list of exhibitors includes Alltrans Ltd, Dromet Ltd, Fabory Poland Ltd, Heads and All Threads CZ s. FASTENER POLAND will be an international trade show for fastener and fixing technology and will take place from 28th – 30th November. 

FASTENER POLAND will coincide with the EUROTOOL® trade show, BLACH-TECH EXPO, plus related show rooms of industrial cooperation, automation and robotics, and CAx technology. The trade show will also be accompanied by seminars, workshops, and company presentations.

The exhibition will showcase the most advanced industrial fasteners and fittings (ranging from screws to nuts, bolts and wedges), as well as construction fasteners, such as anchors, concrete screws and items for fastening façades and insulations.r.

Other items on display will include advanced systems for mounting and installation (including the latest riveting tools, drivers, screw-fixing devices and mounting handles), as well as fastener production technologies and devices for storage and distribution

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