We can transfer a lot of know-how from one field

This has been our China Home Tools Suppliers for almost 40 years, because if we have a good quality in the base of our product, we can assure quality for the final product. “

Our Balangero plant is our headquarters and is where we focus on specialised products for the industry sector, such as automotive,” mentions Luca.”. Thanks to our production capabilities and our ability to control key parts of the process, we can guarantee a reliable and consistent supply of products to customers for every sector. “

We don’t import raw materials from Asia because we want to ensure good quality material and a reliability in supply,” explains Luca.”Mustad’s drive to control the entire production process includes producing part of its own tooling and dies for its machinery and having its own operating furnaces for heat treatment. “

We can transfer a lot of know-how from one field to another where beneficial,” mentions Luca. By working with customers and understanding their requirements we can adapt our products, like we did with the finishing, to provide the perfect solution.”Luca is also keen to point out the importance of the maintenance team within the company. 

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