New generation of Ingramatic thread rolling machines

The China Home Tools Suppliers introducer stroke can be adjusted by the operator panel or by means of an optional electronic handwheel, which eliminates the need to make any manual adjustment with service wrenches – ensuring speed and accuracy of measure change.

New generation of Ingramatic thread rolling machines 19 July 2017 Ingramatic is always in motion in expanding new technology on its I-Thread range.

The enclosure rests directly on the base to ensure that all liquids circulating in the machine are contained and collected.Ingramatic says it is the only thread rolling machine manufacturer supplying a monobloc soundproof enclosure.

The machines are also designed with many features ensuring rigidity and stability for running automotive parts after heat treatment. The slide is machined from high-quality, high strength aluminium alloy bar to Ingramatic specifications.

The doors and panels provide easy and quick access to the work and maintenance areas. Working in parallel with the insertion punch, the screw stop plate also stops the next blank from passing to prevent double insertion

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