Prices depend both on developments affecting raw materials

Over three Machine Screws Manufacturers the company continued to grow to become a specialist in manufacturing special screws, standard screws, precision screws, self-tapping screws, as well as metric and self-forming screws – in a variety of materials. From this base, the company experienced great prosperity thanks to its commitment to top product quality.

It means they are moving forward with pride and a wealth of experience – with a passion to continue to keep pace with innovations and the demands of the market. “Anybody who produces screws like we do, knows this is not a sector that offers attractive margins.

Prices depend both on developments affecting raw materials (and in this context we will see what happens on a political level in the months to come) and labour costs, which in Italy are certainly not the advantage they are in other parts of the world – where so many companies are now relocating their production sites.

“Italy is known for its tradition of family companies, handed down from generation to generation, and we are proud to be such a company.0 have certainly provided an impetus for growth.

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