This YZ nylon anchor is suitable for concrete

A variety of Self Tapping Screws Suppliers and procedures are available for this: Mounting of nailed steel plates; reinforcement using metric threaded rods; or profiled bars bonded with synthetic resin.

If the transverse tensile forces are too high, cracks can develop in the wood, and in turn weaken the construction.Against the strain – transverse reinforcement with double-threaded screws 23 July 2015 Here HECO Schrauben GmbH & Co KG looks at supporting timber structures and the need for strengthening through transverse reinforcement using double-threaded screws.

This YZ nylon anchor is suitable for concrete, bricks, hollow masonry, hollow bricks and aerated autoclaved concrete. The range is available with mushroom, countersunk and cylinder edge, in natural white, light grey and chocolate brown colours.

Advantages of the ZZE-Handyplug® include a simple and quick hammer set installation; anchorage without thermal bridge; reduced embedment depth; a wide range in terms of thicknesses of fixture; as well as a stiffness of the nail during the installation – thanks to its ribbed neck and its thick head.

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